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Actually, drop shadow service can be defined in many ways, in Photoshop graphic design drop shadow is a creative visual effect consists of drawing which looks as a shadow of an image object,  showing an impression of the object behind itself. In a nutshell, drop shadow is a system of adding a grey and black shadow under the main layer of an image. These shadows must be related to the original image. In order to develop the naturalistic, realistic and professional view of an image this is a very essential service.

There are lots of things that should be kept in mind before ereating a drop shadow for any image. It is very important to maintain the proportion properly between the main image and the shadow . Moreover, it is important to create drop shadows of all objects in the similar direction.

In this type shadow will be shown under the image with white background and make it more attractive. Mainly, this type is referred to drop shadow but there has some difference like the length of shadow or natural shadow length of shadow will be bigger than soft shadow.

Why use shadow of images?

More than likely, a business or small entrepreneur wouid be intrested in this service, as it makes a product look more appealing to the naked eye, while cutting out the cost and effort of needing to move the item onto a reflective service. Creating a reflection shadow on an image can be the deciding factor when a customer looks at different products, as it makes the product look flashy and attractive, while maintaining a professional appearance. Although the majority of clients would most likely be businesses, the consumer market doesn’t stop there.

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Finally, if you have image collection in which you would like to use drop shadow, just send them to us with your direction about the service. Our production manager will check all of your images and match with you direction then he sends to the editing operators. Contact us

What is the drop shadow making? Please see video bellow.